Daily menu 14-09-2018

Lunch menu 11am - 2pm.

Today's offer of lemonade 

Rake limonade 0,5 l
68 CZK

Green tea with strawberry 
68 CZK


Pickled hermelin cheese with garlic-nut paste  /AL 1a, 3, 7, 8c/ 
95 CZK

Salted cake with chedar, pork meat, grilled vegetables cheddar and Oyster mushroom /AL 1a, 3, 7/
68 CZK

Gluten-free cake with grilled vegetables  /AL 3, 7/


Broccoli cappuchino with olive oil /AL 1a,7/
Garlick soup with potatoe, sausage and groats /AL 1a, 3/
40 CZK

Hlavní jídla

Pork livers on onion with saffron risotto /AL 1a/
110 CZK

Fried mushrooms with boild potatoe and tatar sauce /AL 1a, 3, 7,10/
108 CZK

Have a taste of gently prepared and light meal

Chicken breast stuffed with broccoli and pepper stuffing
with cheddar on baked vegetables /AL 7, 9/
140 CZK

Grilled salmon fillet on red beets and almond flour
with soft lemon sauce  /AL 3, 4, 7, 8/
220 CZK

Lentils with a covered egg and roasted onion /AL 3/
108 CZK


Caprese salad with balsamic reduction /AL 7/
65 CZK

Cous-cous salad with dried tomatoes and restored vegetable /1a/
75 CZK

Side dishes

Přílohy si můžete vyměnit, nebo objednat navíc.
Cooked potato
French fries
30 CZK

Something sweet

Blueberry pudding of coconut milk with chia seeds
85 Kč

Icecream with whipped cream  /AL 1a, 3, 7/
50 Kč

Chocolate mousse with cherry marmalade and port wine sauce /AL 7/
85 Kč

Chocolate muffins without sugar
70 Kč

Cherry pocket with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream /AL 1a, 3, 7/
70 Kč

Apricot cake with curd /AL 1a, 3, 7/
50 Kč

Tiramisu /AL 7/
85 Kč