Monday - Friday after 3PM
Saturday, Sunday all day


Pepper bonbon stuffed with pink goat’s cheese and served on a bed of rocket leaves with olive oil
AL 7
145 CZK

Trifot pickled fish in a jar, with pickled onions and courgettes
AL 4, 1a, 3
155 CZK

Marinated Hermelin cheese with garlic-nut paste
AL 7, 8
95 CZK

Ceviche of marinated salmon with avocado paste and nachos
AL 4, 7
185 Kč

Snacks to accompany wine

Mix of green and black olives with pits, with dried tomatoes
140 CZK

A royal combination of Roquefort cheese (French blue cheese made from sheep’s milk) and a glass of sweet dessert wine
390 CZK


Kulajda soup with mushrooms and poached egg
AL 1a, 7
60 CZK

Double-strength chicken broth with root vegetables and chicken
AL 9
60 CZK

“Our main meals are prepared in a careful manner and follow dietary guidelines. Amongst other principles, they contain no added sugars and almost no fat. Furthermore, you can order various side dishes and other items from the restaurant’s menu with your meal. However, in this case we cannot guarantee that all the basic dietary guidelines will be met.”

Main meals

Grilled pork fillet, braised sauerkraut with marjoram and Brussels sprouts, with fresh pepper sauce
AL 7
205 CZK

Milfej of chicken breast and portobello mushrooms, on a bed of broccoli florets with pieces of cheddar, garlic mayonnaise
AL 7, 3
205 CZK

Grilled fillet of pike-perch with half an avocado baked with cheddar, poached egg and tomato-mint marmalade
AL 4, 3, 7
335 CZK

Salmon with lemon grass, on a salad of red coriander lentils and pieces of pickled radish
AL 4
310 CZK

Open vegetable sandwiches made from almond flour bread, grilled with cheese and served on a nest of fried rocket
150 CZK

Pork schnitzel with a slice of bread, gherkin and half a lemon
AL 1a, 3, 7
140 CZK

Potato gnocchi with mushrooms, dried tomatoes and parmesan shavings
155 CZK

Filet mignon with a cap of grilled aubergine, served with mashed celeriac flavoured with pepper and a spoon of demi glace sauce
AL 9, 7
430 CZK

Side dishes

Potatoes boiled in their skins
Potato röstí
AL 1, 7
30 CZK


Caesar salad with poached egg, anchovies and croutons sprinkled with parmesan
AL 1a, 3, 4
150 CZK

Caesar salad with pieces of marinated salmon, anchovies and croutons sprinkled with parmesan
AL 1a, 4, 3
190 CZK

Salad made from glass noodles, coriander, sesame seeds and vegetables
AL 6, 11
140 CZK


Green tea panna cotta sweetened with stevia, with raspberry jam
AL 7
85 CZK

Apple cake with stevia and pudding, oat streusel, chia seeds and coconut milk
AL 1a, 7
85 CZK