Monday - Friday after 3PM
Saturday, Sunday all day


Buffalo mozzarella on a bed of beetroot and cherry tomato salad with balsamic vinegar
145 CZK

200 g | Selection of savoury tarts made using almond and linseed flour
110 CZK

100 g | Marinated hermelin cheese with garlic-nut paste
95 CZK

90 g | Salmon tartare with carrot and celery pickles
in a cucumber coat with freshly baked baguette
180 CZK


Kulajda soup with mushrooms and poached egg
Strong chicken broth with meat and vegetables
55 CZK

“Our main meals are prepared in a careful manner and follow dietary guidelines. Amongst other principles, they contain no added sugars and almost no fat. Furthermore, you can order various side dishes and other items from the restaurant’s menu with your meal. However, in this case we cannot guarantee that all the basic dietary guidelines will be met.”

Main dishes

200 g | Fileted Irish flank with roasted celeriac chips
and baked aubergine chutney
270 CZK

250 g | Pork cutlet on the bone with parsley root purée
and broccoli floret
240 CZK

200 g | Chicken supréme with mushroom-vegetable
burger and pepper yogurt
230 CZK

150 g | Roast fillet of freshwater zander with courgette
slices and tomato marmalade
320 CZK

150 g | Norwegian salmon poached in coconut milk with vegetables
on cauliflower slices with cheddar
310 CZK

4 ks | Selection of vegetable slices with stewed spinach and tomatoes
140 CZK

Main dishes - other

150 g | Viennese veal schnitzel with roasted potato and half a lemon 
160 CZK

250 g | Potato gnocchi with carrot pesto, rocket and parmesan shavings
140 CZK

Side dishes

Boiled potatoes in the skin
Potato rösti
30 CZK


300 g | Caesar salad with poached egg, anchovies
and croutons sprinkled with parmesan
150 CZK

300 g | Caesar salad with chicken, anchovies
and croutons sprinkled with parmesan
180 CZK

300 g | Caesar salad with pieces of marinated salmon,
anchovies and croutons sprinkled with parmesan
190 CZK

300 g | Assorted leaf lettuce with balsamic vinegar
and baked goat‘s cheese
160 CZK


Sugar-free plum crumble using coconut fat crumble,
almond flour and chia seeds
75 CZK

Sugar-free chocolate muffin with raspberries
85 CZK

Sugar-free almond flour pancakes with fresh fruit and sour cream
110 CZK

Something to vine

Mix of unpitted green and black olives with dried tomatoes
140 CZK

Assortment of cheese – Manchego (Spanish sheep‘s milk cheese),
Comté (French cow‘s milk cheese),
Roquefort (French blue cheese made from sheep‘s milk)
210 CZK